Ronnie Bincer – All About Google Hangouts

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Ronnie Bincer knows all about the most important thing related to Internet use – Google! If you are like me you have wondered what to make of your multiple Google accounts and how to effectively use Google+ or even what exactly Google+ really is. Ronnie tells us how to deal with multiple Google accounts and discusses the course he just launched that teaches us how to use one of the favorite Google features, Hangouts. You can access more information about his course at All About Hangouts. You should also know that Ronnie is a coach and you can reach him for coaching and questions at The Hangout Helper.

The total recording is 1:03:09 and we start out with a little of Ronnie’s background.

04:30 The future of SEO is video.

05:24 Google+ shows up in June of 2011. Were they competing with Facebook?

08:30 The importance of being natural in your keyword phrasing.

10:35 How smart are the Google bots?

11:20 Facebook vs Google+.

13:30 Did Google start Google+ to improve its search results?

23:30 You already know this, but, Google really is important.

25:15 Untangling multiple Google accounts.

35:00 How to delete a Google+ account, a YouTube account, a Google profile, separately.

42:40 What are the different Hangouts, how are Hangouts different from Skype, and when does a Hangout become a YouTube video?

47:00 With Hangouts, you can turn texting into a video meeting with screen sharing and the whole nine yards.

51:40 Relationship building with Hangouts and how the Google search engine algorithm will give people you build relationships with different search results steering them toward your services. THIS IS A HUGE KEY FOR ONLINE BUSINESS!

We end the call talking about how Ronnie uses Hangouts, Vimeo and other means for creating a first class online course.

Operation “Lifestyle Change” – Freedom From Dieting

 Are We Tired of Dieting Yet?


Its been what?

Four weeks since the New Year resolutions kicked in. By now you should be tired of the diet, yes? Be honest, how many diets have you done in your life? If you answer “this is my first one” run from this post because it is not for you. But if this is nearly an annual ritual, listen up. You gotta do something different!

The truth is that you probably know more about nutrition and exercise than the Mayo Clinic. Knowing what to do or not do is certainly not the problem. Yeah, you know what the problem really is, don’t you? That problem. The one you hate to admit. You just do not want to do it. You really don’t care if you eat certain things because of childhood issues or any other emotional issues. You have a God given right to eat dammit! The one simple and healthy (at least compared to those drug addicts and alcoholics) and necessary thing in life to do. And the universe metabolizes your food the same as a rock. Not right!

I get it. But that does not change what you know you gotta do. Change your lifestyle! It is time to stop dieting, to decide never to diet again, and to live (and love) yourself in whatever shape you end up with by utilizing good lifestyle choices. This is what you know you really want and need to do, this is even what the great teachers you read all the time tell you to do. So what’s up?

Oh, I get it. You have some kinda image of how you should look? Really! Well, not gonna happen babe. Get used to it, you are not going to look like this –

Screenshot 2015-01-28 10.54.06

– you know it and I know it. Let it go. If you had a chance you would already look like them, at least a lot more than you do. Time to move on.

Lets Get This Done

The best part of a healthy lifestyle is that you actually get to be healthy. What? Let me write that again – the best part of a healthy lifestyle is that you actually get to be healthy. Wow! There is a lot of comfort in that. There is a lot of good in that. Hey, you may not look like the image you have in your head, you may even still be a tiny bit pudgy, but the real point is to be healthy. Plus, you will feel so good. About yourself too.

It does take work though. Hard work. Harder than slammin’ rocks work. But it is progressive, it gets easier with each step. You start to feel better and things start to move along more smoothly. Couple suggestions.

Important Tips

Do not try to do it all at once, make one major change at a time. This really helps. Do not start a new change until you are halfway through celebrating your success with the previous change.

Change your diet around until you find the things you really like, then pick three that are your core meals. Ditto with exercise. That is plenty of variety and you know exactly where to go in a pinch.

Read inspirational stuff all the time. At least a few times per week, helps with motivation and perseverance.

Make sure you have friends or acquaintances in the same boat. Misery loves company. Plus it is important to know others have the same challenges you do. Plus, plus, they know the truth so you will have to be accountable. You cannot fake comrades out.

Use tools, all the tools. Tea, visualization, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, prayer, goals, and anything else you can think of. Each of them will bore you and become hard to do eventually so then you rotate. Repeat.

Pretty soon I will be launching a program that will help. Wait for it. Add it to your repertoire. Good luck and congratulations!

David Hipshman – Conscious Coaching

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David Hipshman is a business coach and we talk about what a good coach will do for you, what you should look for in a coach, and how a coach will work with you. David talks about finding purpose, and we explore what that means. You can find David online at Grow and Flow Your Business.

The total time of this podcast is 1:04:23 and we start out talking about David’s background and what type of clients will typically want his services.

03:30 What does finding purpose mean? Is there purpose beyond making more money in your business?

06:40 Difference between being a business coach and a entrepreneurial coach.  Three types of clients – entrepreneurs that are already successful and need to be recharged, corporate folks starting their own business, and clients with a clear purpose that need support.

10:40 Purpose helps you avoid burnout and overwhelm. Defining the conscious entrepreneur with purpose. David relates this to a successful musician singing what they love to sing vs what they believe will sell.

19:00 David uses my situation to give an example of how his coaching process works. First I give my background and purpose and then at –

21:20 David demonstrates process.

25:40 It is important to be paid for your service.

27:15 David tells us how to avoid an important business trap.

33:00 You are not marketing a process, you are marketing results. Where is your “dark night of the soul” and your ability to help others make it through similar situations?

38:00 What is the cost of not using effective coaching? Of not believing/trusting coaching.

42:25 How long does coaching take, and how much does it cost?

47:30 Trust and faith, the money will show up.

50:50 Why is David a good coach? This is the question I pose to him and for which he explains “More important than any formal education, I was born to coach.”

52:20 David mentions some YouTube videos that show us how Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google), and Steve Jobs benefited from and believed in coaching. Here are the links – Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt; and also Bill Campbell describes his coaching process.

55:00 David loves being a coach and finishes up by telling us how his music and business background helps him to be a better coach.

59:00 We finish up with some general chit chat about Kirtan and other things.

The Man – Ramit Sethi

“I worked out twice last month. How come I don’t look like this dude?”


Go Away

This is for people that want to be successful in their own online business. Do not read if you are not one of these people. BTW – This comes from one of my favorite Ramit teachings – “Encourage the wrong people to leave as aggressively as possible. But when you find the right people, that can benefit from your material, it is your obligation to sell as aggressively as possible.”

Online Guru Anyone?

How many online success guru’s have you watched? One, two, dozens? If you are serious, like me, you have watched at least 5 or more. Many are ok, some are good, but rarely do we find one that is great .One that actually can teach us what we need to know in order to succeed.

Someone that will say things like “It is a hilarious phenomenon that we look at others and compare our Day 1 with their Day 500. I do it, you do it, we all do it.” This is the kind of honesty you can expect from Ramit Sethi, my hero, my online guru. My heart sings to him and I bow down before him. Not because he asks for that, and not because I am a weak man with no self esteem, but because he has truly shown me that he is worthy of my fullest attention. He is going to help me to succeed. He truly cares about me and therefore I can devote myself to him. Thank you Ramit.

Ramit Wears Thigh-Highs?

Ramit is a great writer, but most of all he is sincere, honest, and willing to bare all. Here is another of his wonderful lines “Like a burlesque dancer, I’m going to pull down my thigh-highs just another inch so you can get a peek.” And he does! How great is that!

Ramit shows us how much income we can expect if we become successful at online marketing. This, at least for me, is extremely helpful. I want to know this information.

Do you want to see how much money someone like Ramit makes? Do you want to get to the next level of online marketing? Call on Ramit.

Here is his latest blog and an opportunity to be part of his latest program Zero to Launch.

In Divorce, Real Men Are Loving Men

photo 1This is a guest post that Jackie Pilossoph posted on her blog Divorced Guy Grinning.

Could anything be worse than a stock market crash? Yes, divorce. Divorce is where we lose control and become misunderstood. It is also the place that will define who we are for the rest of our lives.

At the beginning of a divorce we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of chaos and turmoil on all fronts. The woman we loved is now an enemy, our children are at stake, and our financial empire is being threatened. People all around us are taking sides; attorneys are smacking their lips and rubbing their hands together. We are angry.

It takes a while, but suddenly we realize that we are weakened, greatly. We concern ourselves with what others will think, how we will go on as a divorced man, and will we get to see our children grow up. We become torn between protecting our financial empire, and continuing to see our children. Bad things creep into our minds. Nobody seems to understand that we are the meal ticket. Do not kill us or everything will die. They do not seem to care. We feel pain. We are starting to humble ourselves. A little. But mostly we are feeling sorry for ourselves.

We begin to realize that very little in our culture can help us cope with divorce. We do not want to show our weakness, it is bred into us that we must be strong. But we are not. You know it and I know it. Once we start to lose the women in our lives we weaken and feel alone. It is not worth losing our women. We humble more. We feel even more sorry for ourselves.

We decide we will work even harder at compromise, to see her point of view, and those damned attorneys. We will settle this divorce with dignity and class. We propose well-crafted plans, brilliant compromise, and solutions worthy of the Gods. And then we present it to the other side, all proud of ourselves. Bad news…they want more than when we started.

It is right here, right in this moment that you will be defined. Are you in it to the end; are you willing to make love more important than anything else? Even during the one to three very hard years you will now have to endure? It will be worth it.

You will make more money choosing love. You may even get to have your ex as a friend. Your children will benefit, your future wives and girlfriends will benefit, and most of all you will benefit. Trust me. Do the work. Do not throw out the love.

Nothing will make these next few years any easier. No matter what you think you might gain financially or otherwise, it will all be meaningless before the ink dries. But love will carry on forever.

Listen to the podcast where I speak with my ex!

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