Phil Petachenko – Chiropractor and Spiritual Teacher?

Small Podcast ArtworkPhil is a long time friend and explorer. Of what? From my point of view we are all explorers of the mind, soul, emotions, body, whatever it all is that makes up a human being, and Phil is willing to explore, willing to journey without knowing for sure where the journey will take him. So, for me, Phil is an explorer, but he is also an excellent chiropractor and teacher. You can find out more on his website located here, I highly recommend his classes on posture. Phil also holds a Thursday night group that we discuss in the interview and you can find out more about that here.

This “journey” is 1:09:52 and we start out talking about spiritual teachers, students, and hierarchy.

06:30 Words, words, words.

08:40 SRF (Self-Realization Fellowship), Encinitas, CA, Paramahansa Yogananda, and the movie Awake.

13:40 How do you find a good teacher? Gurdjieff “The Work”.

19:20 Dealing with difficult students.

31:00 Breathing. Belly breathing.

37:00 Processing.

50:30 Accessing an “alternate operating system”.

53:40 Difficult feelings are the doorway into the alternate operating system.

56:25 Opening energy and emotional blocks in the body.

1:00:50 What is meditation? Tim Ferriss. Exercise as meditation and stress reduction tool.

Darrin Zeer – Yoga and Managing Stress

Small Podcast ArtworkDarrin Zeer is on a mission to help stem the epidemic of worldwide stress. I do not know about you, but boy am I glad about that. He believes that technology, great as it is, has created a state he calls the “Zombie Apocalypse”. I am sure you can imagine what that is, but I will tell you it has everything to do with the way we stare at our smart phones every time we get in line or have to wait.

Darrin is the best selling author of Office Yoga and CNN calls him America’s Relaxation Expert, which makes sense as Darrin wants to help the world “take a breath” and learn to relax. Darrin is also a very busy man and you can find out more about Darrin on one of his websites Relax Yoga and Yoga for Lovers.

The recording is 56:21 and we start out talking about Darrin’s extensive travels in Asia.

07:00 The meaning of Yoga and some basic definitions. Prana, Kundalini, Chakras and spiritual science. Where are your lights out?

12:25 “If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.” Buddha

17:00 Stress and the Zombie Apocalypse.  Stress has become the norm.

22:15 Mindfulness and Body-fullness.

29:10 Fascia is emotional. Shrink wrap and neurochemistry. Yoga triggers a Parasympathetic response.

35:50 Herd cuckoo and crazy minds are the norm. We are all in the moment.  Relax yoga therapy.

43:00 Yoga bliss. Student and teacher. Men doing yoga. We men can learn from women.

48:30 Practical tips. What can I do? Taking micro breaks is the key. Manage your stress, it is worth it. Elicit the relaxation response.

53:40 Do not self judge. Kick it out!

We end talking about breath. How wonderful that we can!

Jim St. James – Round of Sharing with God

Small Podcast ArtworkJim and I have had a long and interesting relationship, even though it was mostly not a “normal” one. I have a real affinity to people that have devoted themselves to awareness and personal growth, Jim has done this in spades. These people are explorers, sorta like the Lewis and Clarke’s of humanity and I appreciate their courage and wisdom. Anyway, Jim and I are similar in our love of God and the Master we both learned from, but we went about things in very different ways.

The interview was over a Skype connection that was less than perfect but you can hear everything totally fine. Total time is 45:31 and we start out talking about how we met, which is more unusual than you can even imagine!

06:00 Living in the moment and getting out of bed every day.

11:30 Round of Sharing with God and staring out the window.

13:30 Flexibility and how would life be if there was no God.

15:40 Meeting Jesus at 7, no proof of God, and vicious faith.

18:30 God is closer than you very breath.

22:50 Struggling with the mind (there is one part here where Jim’s exclamation cracks me up!) and how each person’s endeavor truly helps us all.

30:00 What is God? Talking real and possibilities.

33:00 Next steps and transformational energy.

38:30 Family holiday, a new life, children and wives.

End is abrupt because I lose our Skype connection. More to come…

Slow Medicine – Healing From the Inside Out

Excerpts from Mercola Article

The Three ‘Tenets’ of Slow Medicine

Dr. Finkelstein used a good analogy in describing Slow Medicine. He refers to the advice or treatments offered by conventional medicine as seeds, and the rest (your life, lifestyle, linchpin, and experiences) as the soil and the way to condition that soil. The seeds cannot grow without soil, and the healthier the soil is, the more the plant will grow and thrive. In other words, Slow Medicine is very much about taking control of your health – and gaining (or re-gaining) the confidence needed to take an active part in your healthcare and wellness. When asked to explain just three key points from his book, the takeaways that might most benefit someone struggling with their health, Dr. Finkelstein recommended this:

1. Find Your Life’s Purpose (or Remind Yourself of It)

“The first thing… is to identify your life’s purpose. Why do you want to be healthy? I think there’s a real value in spending some time with each person, and asking and answering that question for themselves. Purpose is number one.”

2. Appreciate the Perspective: Your Physical Body Must Be Viewed in the Context of Your Whole Life

“The physical body is part of an array of interactive components that actually make up your whole life. To address the physical body by itself is not likely to lead you as far down the path as you would like. The perspective… is the embedding of the physical symptoms into the context of your greater life. And then from there, to understand how important it is to integrate what you do to recreate the whole.”

3. Have a Plan to Make Your Soil More Fertile

“[Number three is] to have a plan. It’s to understand that in addition to maybe the magic bullet, if there is something that’s really important, you still want to put that seed into soil that’s more fertile. That’s the foundational practices of daily living. Living in alignment and in sync with the rhythms and cycles of nature in harmony with the people you live with, doing something meaningful in your life, and working on all those things simultaneously, so that everything comes together and leads you where you want to be.”

Dr. Marcus Bond – In the Masters Bedroom

Small Podcast Artwork




Marcus Bond, PhD, is a friend, Spiritual Psychologist, Guide and Mentor; Business and Life Coach.  He is about to publish his first book titled “In The Master’s Bedroom: Finding Real Love with My Spiritual Master“, an apt title as you will hear. He has had many amazing experiences and his path has taken him into both the business world and the life of a devoted disciple. At the age of 37 Marcus met his miraculous spiritual master and teacher, Kalindi La Gourasana, and became both a devoted disciple and intimate friend. This divine love affair is the inspiration for his book. Fascinating.

If you would like to contact Marcus for coaching, counseling, or to pre-order his book, please send an email to Marcus at

The total time of this recording is 1:06:07 and some highlights are posted below. We begin with a little background about Marcus’ upbringing in New York City.

10:30 The world is not very safe. Off to University of Florida to get his Ph.D. in organizational psychology. Internship at AT&T and becoming a business coach and corporate consultant.

14:20 Off to Europe, giving up the white picket fence, and waking up.

16:25 The 11-year old atheist, drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll.

18:50 Life uses beautiful Danish women to teach the good doctor some important lessons and eventually ask the age old question “Why Am I Here”.

21:20 Shirley MacLaine, Zen, Hermann Hesse, the journey east and “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”; feeling empty inside.

24:10 Marcus takes the Forum with Landmark Education.

25:55 Who is Kalindi La Gourasana and taking the Miracle of Love Intensive.

28:30 Marcus has a life changing experience, cries for the first time since 8 years of age, and heals deep feelings that had been hidden.

32:40 Kalindi teaches Marcus about trust and love.

36:40 Three years of suffering, moves to Northern California, and finding out about the path of most resistance.

40:00 Meets Kalindi.

43:00 Moment of truth, letting go of ego and life changes. Going from an atheist to believing in God.

46:20 In the Master’s Bedroom, finally. Transformation.

50:20 Look no further. True letting go.

52:30 Being present, no more suffering or disturbing thoughts. My mind is now my friend. Experience of unconditional love and loving oneself. Just feeling love.

56:45 Has it been worth it? Discovering the cornucopia of life.

1:00:00 Transcending the bedroom. Kalindi’s desire for Marcus to write his book and portray her as a real person. Real love, love of God. Being authentic. “Marcus, I get angry at people but I never throw them out of my heart.”

1:03:00 No sugar coating. Experiencing real love.